Sports and Entertainment Marketing I - Syllabus

 Terry Sanford High School


Mrs. Burds                                                                                          Phone: 910-484-1151

Email:                                                        Room 12

 Course Description

Sports and Entertainment Marketing I is designed for students interested in sports, entertainment, and event marketing. Emphasis is placed on the following principles as they apply to the industry: branding, licensing, and naming rights; business foundations; concessions and on-site merchandising; economic foundations; promotion; safety and security; and human relations. Skills in communications, human relations, psychology, and mathematics are reinforced in this course.


 Classroom Rules

·         Prompt

o   Be in class on time and on task

o   No late work will be accepted once students have tested over the material

o   Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated; you will receive an automatic zero and will be reported to the office.

·         Prepared

o   Bring all classroom materials to class everyday

o   Study for quizzes and test

o   Have homework ready to turn in when you walk in the door, this includes make-up work.

·         Polite

o   Respect your teacher, classmates, equipment and furniture

o   There is never justification for disruptive profanity in this class

o   No cell phones, electronic devices, hats, food or drinks

·         Positive

o   Do your part in creating a positive, safe, educational environment

 Disciplinary Action to be given if one or more of the above classroom rules are broken.
  1. Warning.
  2. Take home assignment – due at the beginning of class the next day with a parent’s signature.
  3. Take home assignment plus a phone call home– due at the beginning of class the next day with a parent’s signature.
  4. Written referral to the office plus a phone call home.
  Completed Assignments/Projects should be assembled in the following manner:

1.      No Name (-10)

2.      Word-processed documents must be completed in 12 point font. (-5)

3.      Word-processed documents should contain no hand-written markings. (-5)


·         Participation points are given at random for a grade. Missing class time or lack of effort means a loss of points.

·         You are responsible for makeup work when absent. Make up work will be completed within 3 days of absence.

·         You will be graded based on a point system. If an assignment is worth 10 points then a score of a 9 will be equivalent to 90%.      Ex: 9 / 10 = .90 or 90%

·         Grades will be grouped under four categories:

o   Homework/Classroom Assignments & Participation

o   Projects/Presentations

o   Quizzes

o   Tests 

Tentative Test Dates:

Competency 1.00                    Thursday         September 2, 2010

Competency 2.00                    Monday           September 13, 2010

Competency 3.00                    Thursday         September 23, 2010

Competency 4.00                    Friday             October 8, 2010

Competency 5.00                    Friday              October 22, 2010

Competency 6.00                    Friday              November 5, 2010

Competency 7.00                    Monday           November 15, 2010

Competency 8.00                    Thursday         December 2, 2010

Competency 9.00                    Thursday         December 16, 2010


Tuesday Afternoon 3:45 – 4:30pm

Wednesday Morning 7:30 – 8:15am

 VoCATS EOC Packet Review:

During 3rd reporting period students will receive a packet to write and review for their end of course exam. The packet will be given out on November 22 and will be due January 10. Throughout this time students will have periodic due dates to keep them from falling behind. This review packet will be worth 400 points which will account for almost half or more of their 3rd and 4th reporting period grade! Please refer to the due dates for future reference:

  • Unit A DUE December 1, 2010
  • Unit B DUE December 16, 2010
  • Unit C DUE January 3, 2011
  • Unit D DUE January 10, 2011