Important Objectives


4th Grade Objectives for Quarter 1 

Important Reading Objectives 

  • Is able to read and comprehend grade level text
  • Previews stories and is able to make predictions about the characters, setting, problems, major events, and solution before reading
  • Is able to use during reading strategies:
    • Make predictions
    • Make connections
    • Ask questions
  • Use fix up strategies when what you read doesn’t make sense (reread, slow down reading speed, stop and think, focus on visualization, make connections, read ahead, use text features, look at the pictures/photos)
  • Recognize different types of non fiction texts such as autobiographies, biographies, informational books, diaries, journals
  • Preview nonfiction text features and predict the topic and main ideas of the selection
 Important Writing Objectives  
  • Focus
    • Write ideas clearly
    • Stay focused on topic when writing
  • Organization
    • Come up with own ideas for writing
    • Write with ideas that flow from one idea to the next
    • Use various techniques to write beginnings for stories
  • Support and Elaboration
    • Write paragraphs with enough important details
    • Use simple and compound sentences to add elaboration
  • Style
    • Review writing and make it better by adding precise words
  • Conventions
    • Check spelling by asking “Does that look right?”
    • Write in complete sentences (3rd grade objective)
    • Write sentences where the verb matches the subject (3rd grade objective)
    • Use handwriting that others can easily read (3rd grade objective)
    • Reread own writing and look for mistakes in spelling, capitalization, and punctuation (3rd grade objective)

   Important Math Objectives  

§         Analyze and solve problems involving line graphs, bar graphs, and pictographs 

§         Use the order of operations when solving problems

1)parentheses 2) division or multiplication 3)subtraction or addition

 §         Identify parallel and perpendicular lines 

§         Develop fluency with multiplication and division (multiplication and division facts)  

§         Solve word problems by using the best strategy: mental math, estimation, paper and pencil, drawing a picture, making a table 

§         Solve function tables (look for patterns with numbers) 

§         Solve problems involving perimeter and area 

§         Solve algebraic expressions/equations for missing variables