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Creating a Web Page

1.   Go to...........

2.   We will EACH be creating an Alphabet book (with due respect to Dr. Seuss) on our website. You will include rhyming copy for each letter, plus clip art of a character, etc. that begins with that letter. You do not have to have one letter per page, you may have approximately 4 letters per page.

3.   Objectives: The students will be able to…
      - insert text and Clip Art into a page in a publishing program then resize
      the picture “boxes”
      - search clip art files for specific objects
      - arrange an alphabet book from clip art

4.   Introduction:
      - Read a Dr. Seuss book.  Show examples of clip art to explain how to use clip art to make their  own alphabet book

      Sequence of Activities:
      - Insert text and pictures into WORD documents. 
      - Change the sizes of the boxes for diversity.
      - “Find” your pictures and make them different sizes.
Don't forget you must save your work. E-Mail your pages as you do them. You will need a Cover Page with your name and the name of your book.

      Evaluation: Participation EVERY day + Good Rhyming copy + Creative Clip Art + Alphabet Book  (overall)