Tutoring Details

Tutoring Details

My name is Stephanie W. and I specialize in reading and writing instruction and editing services for students and adults in the Dayton area. 
Rates: $30.00 per hour or SPECIAL 4 sessions for $100  

Instruction of 2 students: $40.00 per hour   

Small group instruction: $50.00 per hour  

Payment:  cash, check, Venmo, Google Pay or credit/debit card*     Service Fee of $2 if using credit card

Availability: 8am-9 pm Monday-Friday, 4pm=9pm Sunday
Location: local libraries or coffee shops


  • Elementary, Middle, and High School English Language Arts (reading, writing, and composition)
  • Test preparation for Reading, English, and Writing ACT
  • Editing services for high school and college students
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Strategies for students with learning exceptionalities including ADD/ADHD, Auditory Processing, Dyslexia, Speech and/or Language Impairments, Specific Learning Disabilities, or Intellectual Disabilities, Gifted/Talented.