Tutoring Philosophy and Promise

I am excited to help you or your student read and write to success!

As a teacher entering my 8th year of education, I have witnessed that students learn the most when PARENTS, TEACHERS, and STUDENTS come together to work together toward goals.  The great benefit of tutoring is that this relationship is easy to create.  

Whether your goal is to master reading or writing skills, improve grades, prepare for the ACT, increase English usage, or become an avid reader, I will provide the serious instruction, practice, and feedback that you need to accomplish these goals.

I have taught in challenging areas in St. Louis and New Orleans, but I have never been dissuaded from pushing students to master new skills and push their critical thinking.  The passion that I bring to my lessons empowers students while holding them accountable. 

Reading mastery is built through 5 separate skills that all need to be addressed at grade level--phonics, phonological awareness, comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency. Every student has different strengths and weaknesses in these areas, which is why the school setting often does not provide students with the support they need. Writing is similar--organization, ideas, word choice, conventions, sentence fluency, and voice are all different skills that require different practice.

With me as your tutor, you will receive highly individualized instruction, practice, and homework assignments with regular assessment to ensure will are seeing speedy results. Contact me today to begin reading and writing your way to success!