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CoolWeek of April 25th, 2011 

 Date Assignment
 4/25 independent reading book 30 min - westing game catch up

 WG chapter 16 and 17 and questions

test signed

 4/27   WG chapter 18 and 19 read and questions 

  WG chapter 20  read and questions

scavenger hunt permission slip signed and returned


                                Important Dates

    Thursday May 5th - chapter 1-25 test      


          Friday May 6th: French Quarter team Scavenger hunt.  Any student who mastered  quiz and tests for chapters 1 - 25 will participate in a half day scavenger hunt. Students will be divided into teams with a teacher chaperone and work to solve clues hidden throughout the French Quater that will ultimately lead them to the end prize. 

        Thursday May9th -  reading Final Exam



  All questions for the chapters will be posted daily.  Please click on "The Westing Game" above for a character list, question sheets, and assignment descriptions.