The Westing Game

The Westing Game
If you need questions for a chapter, copy them from below onto notebook paper and answer in a complete sentence. All questions are posted below.  Project guidelines are listed at the bottom of the page

Short Answer Questions - Sunset Towers: Chapter 1

1. How long did it take for all the apartments and offices in the Sunset Towers to be rented out?


2. What is one trait of the Sunset Towers apartment building?


3. What unique trait does each apartment in Sunset Towers have?


4. Who was the first to be shown an apartment in Sunset Towers?


5. Which of the following was NOT listed in the letters as features of the apartments?


6. Who is Barney Northrup?


Short Answer Questions - Ghosts or Worse: Chapter 2

1. What is the state of mind of all the tenants of Sunset Towers upon moving in?


2. Which of the following is not true of the Westing Mansion?


3. What is strange about the Westing House?


4. What happened to the two boys who were to stay overnight at the Westing House?


5. What discovery did Chris Theodorakis make while birdwatching.


6. What feeling does Chris have about the one-way windows in his apartment?


Short Answer Questions - Tenants In and Out: Chapter 3

1. Several people are mentioned as limping. What is the reason given?


2. What is the significance of the limp that is mentioned?


3. What happened to Westing, according to the parties gathered outside Westing House?


4. What was Angela's family's reaction to her fiance?


5. Angela showed her affection for her sister in what way?


6. What exciting story did Turtle have to tell her family, but decided not to tell all the details?


Short Answer Questions - The Corpse Found: Chapter 4

1. How was Mr. Westing's corpse found?


2. Which of the following did not happen to Westing?


3. Why was Turtle in Westing Mansion?


4. What did Turtle want so badly that she was willing to accept a bet to stay in the Westing Mansion?


5. Why did Turtle run out of the mansion after only eleven minutes?


6. How did Turtle get into Westing Mansion?


Short Answer Questions - Sixteen Heirs: Chapter 5

1. Why were the residents of Sunset Towers given an invitation to the reading of the Will?


2. Which two residents of Sunset Towers did not go to the reading of the Will?


3. What object is in the center of the library when the heirs gather there?


4. Why did Madame Hoo not attend the reading of the Will?


5. What was speculated as being the real reason Dr. Wexler didn't attend the first reading of the Will?


6. What was supposed to be wrong with Sydelle Pulaski?


Short Answer Questions - The Westing Will: Chapter 6

1. When E.J. Plum starts the reading of the Will, what do we find out about why the residents of Sunset Towers are included in the Will?


2. What was strange about the Will?


3. What mystery did Westing reveal in the Will?


4. What was included in the Will?


5. Why will there be no autopsy on Westing's body?


6. What will happen to the person who finds out who killed Westing?


Short Answer Questions - The Westing Game: Chapter 7

1. What is the setting of Chapter 7?


2. Each of the pairs of heirs gained something from their partner. What did Turtle gain from her partner?


3. Which pair of heirs did not get their money?


4. Why did this one pair of heirs not receive their money?


5. Why didn't Dr. Wexler attend the first meeting for the reading of the Will?


6. Why didn't Mrs. Hoo attend the first meeting for the reading of the Will?


Short Answer Questions - The Paired Heirs: Chapter 8

1. Why can't the thief read the shorthand notes after they are stolen?


2. Which one of the heirs doesn't believe Westing was murdered?


3. The morning after the reading of the Will, what did Turtle do to help the others and earn some money for herself?


4. What does Turtle think the expression, "Take stock in America," means from the Will?


5. What did each of the pairs of heirs come to decide about the clues given to them?


6. A thief was discovered when an important piece of evidence went missing. What was the evidence that was stolen?


Short Answer Questions - Lost and Found: Chapter 9

1. What happened to the elevator of Sunset Towers?


2. What clues were left on the elevator wall for all to see?


3. What caused the nervousness of Turtle and Flora Baumbach?


4. Why did Mrs. Wexler fix Turtle's hair and tell her she was so pretty in pink?


5. Why did Turtle kick everything in her room as she left?


6. Why did Mr. Hoo decide to stay as a guest for the party he was also catering?


Short Answer Questions - The Long Party: Chapter 10

1. What lie did Judge Ford catch Mrs. Wexler in at the party?


2. Why was Angela upset and crying at the party?


3. Why did Angela and Mrs. Pulaski dress alike to go to the party?


4. How did Judge Ford describe Mrs. Wexler?


5. What did Mrs. Pulaski criticize Judge Ford about?


6. Two people at Sunset Towers were not heirs. Who were they?


Short Answer Questions - The Meeting: Chapter 11

1. On their third snowbound day, what decision did the heirs face?


2. What name did Turtle tell Flora was her real name?


3. Why did Mr. Hoo laugh when Mrs. Wexler said Turtle was helping Dr. Wexler with his bookkeeping?


4. What did Judge Ford lose that she posted a wanted sign for?


5. Why did Mrs. Pulaski think she should have a bigger share of the inheritance?


6. Why did Doug panic when Mr. Hoo mentioned alibis?


Short Answer Questions - The First Bomb: Chapter 12

1. Why did Angela hesitate to call the fire department?


2. From her newspaper research, which of the following did Judge Ford find had a connection to Mr. Westing?


3. Who did Turtle say her mother thought stole the shorthand notebook?


4. What did Mr. Hoo think caused the explosion in the kitchen of the coffee shop?


5. What did Angela think Turtle's "crutch" was?


6. What does Judge Ford decide to do to help solve the puzzle?





Short Answer Questions - The Second Bomb: Chapter 13

1. Who did Flora say Angela looked like?


2. What was used as a fuse for the bomb set in Hoo's restaurant?


3. What new job did Mrs. Wexler acquire?


4. How did Mrs. Sydelle get hurt?


5. What made Chris so happy about the new seating arrangement that resulted in mixing up partners?


6. Where was the next bomb planned to be?


Short Answer Questions - Pairs Repaired: Chapter 14

1. What important clue did Theo give Angela?


2. What did Angela do when she disguised herself?


3. What conclusion did Judge Ford and Sandy come up with?


4. Why didn't Chris sign the check and give his partner his half of the money?


5. Why did Ms. Pulaski fake an illness?


6. Mrs. Wexler had plans for the entire $10,000 that she and Mr. Hoo got. What was her plan?


Short Answer Questions - Fact and Gossip: Chapter 15

1. Which character has a strange mystery around them?


2. What is the problem with Turtle's and Flora's investigation?


3. There is a lot of speculation by the group outside Westing House about how Westing died. Which of the following is NOT a part of that speculation?


4. What unique idea did Otis Amber have about Westing's murder?


5. What did Sandy the doorman do every time he delivered a present for Angela's shower?


6. What clever idea did Mrs. Wexler have for Hoo's restaurant?