Language Arts 


Social Studies 



 Monday read the story again outloud to someone on pg20-30 review the problem of the week and write notes on how to solve the problem answer the question presented in class noneplan your menue for the week

 class discussion on the charactors, choose one charactor and write about him/her

 pg 23- #1-5 teacher will present different events students will research those events Re read the reading in class pg10-19 and list items that you use on a daily basis from what is on the book.  none
 Wednesday spelling activity have student create 5 problems make and outline and powerpoint none

 walk for 15 min

and do a physical activity from our chart for 10min.


 spelling game and quiz

vocabulary activity

 have students challenge thier problmes  make and outline and powerpoint

identify volcabulary words in word puzzle

vocab activity

 find your favorite recipie

Share the blogs of the week

new blog question

present the problem  of the week and the answer Present the event they choosenonewrite down your actual menue of the week and compare it to the one you did on monday.