Ms Chalmers Classroom Website

Welcome Parents and Students!    

I am thrilled that you have found my classroom website! Here you will find access to topics that we are learning about in class, websites that your child can visit at home to reinforce what we are learning about in class, and information will be listed about current assignments that the students are expected to complete. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school at 305-224-5200 or by email at  


Our Curriculum

Your child can access their science textbook online at Along with their textbook, this website has practice quizzes for each chapter, vocabulary games, and videos that are related to the content that we are learning about in class. Each student has been given their own username and password. I strongly encourage the students to visit this website often to review what we are learning about in class and I appreciate your support in reminding your child to visit the website often. 

Our class is applying the cornell notetaking method in class. Each student has been provided with their own bound notebook and a folder to maintain their home learning assignments. Each student is asked to come to class prepared with their home learning assignment(s) and a pencil. I provide colored pencils and any art materials that are needed for class work.

Topics Covered in Class

As our class progresses throughout the year, I will update the topics we are covering so that your child may learn more online at home. Everyone is encouraged to visit my Website Page so that you can learn more about what we are covering in class in an interactive and exciting way! Here are the topics that have been addressed so far:




EARTH SCICENCE: Layers of the Earth

Accessing Grades

Student grades are posted weekly to my gradebook. If you would like to keep up with your child's grade and monitor their home learning assignments you may access my gradebook via the parent portal at You need to set up your account to access this page. This can be done by getting your child's individual pin number and student ID information. If you need assistance with setting up your account, you may call me at South Dade Middle at 305-224-5200. I can also be reached via email at