Reading Skills Practice

Reading Skills Practice

Students use reading skills in every subject that they are working in. It is very important that your child continues to refine their reading skills at home. Ways in which they can do this include reading for enjoyment (magazines and comic books are acceptable!), sharing stories that they are reading with family members (family discussion about books read can lead to great conversations and it reinforces their comprehension of the story), or maintaining a daily journal (they can write about anything that they choose- including responses to topics that interest them, remarks about the day, poetry, ANYTHING). 

You can motivate your child to engage in these very important activities by being their model. This means that YOU will do these activities as well! You are your child's greatest teacher and there is nothing more powerful than your children seeing you partake in these activities and then emulating you themselves. By engaging in these activities, you are showing them that reading and writing is important and meaningful. 

Resources- Articles and Websites


This website is offered through the Florida Department of Education. Here you will find reading lists and important information provided by leading experts in reading from our state. They offer helpful tips for reading in the home, information about local libraries, as well as pages offered to students by age group. Click here to access an short and easy read about helping to motivate your child to become a reader and incorporate positive reading practices in your home.



This website requires a username and password, which your child has been provided with at the school. If you are experiencing difficulty logging into this website at home, please feel free to contact me. FCAT explorer offers meaningful learning based activities for students in the areas of Reading, Math, and Science.



Click on the link above to read a brief and interesting article geared towards parents that addresses the very important topic of how to promote literacy skills in your home.



This article provides online literacy resources that your child can use. 



Your child will need to be registered to access this site. A majority of South Dade Middle students are registered for reading plus and access this website during their school day. Your child will need access to their username and password. This website provides practice activities that reinforce reading skills.