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Here you can find different ideas for practicing reading at home. I will keep a list of words to have your student practice, tips for questions to ask while your student is reading, and fun games to help with reading! 

Words of the Week

Here are words you can practice with your child at home! You can make flashcards with the word on them to help your child practice and learn!! 

  • after 
  • by
  • can
  • come
  • could 
  • give
  • here 
  • know 
  • looked
  • round 
  • some
  • take 
  • they
  • then
  • were 
  • would 


Here are some games you can play to help your child learn and practice the words for the week! 

  1. Speed: have the child try to say the word as quick as they can. Review the words the child does not know 
  2. Swat: lay all the flashcards out on a flat service. Make sure all the words are visible. Say a words at random. If the child gets the word right, they get to keep it in a pile. If the child gets the word wrong, the word stays spread out like the other words. Say a few more words from the batch, then try the word the child got wrong again; see if they can get it right the second time! 

Remember to read with your child EVERY night! 

heart​ Miss Becca