Rector's 9th Grade English

Classroom Policies:  Mrs. Rector—English

My goal as an educator is to make your learning experience in my classroom a positive and meaningful one for you and for me.  As a teacher, I strive to offer you clear expectations and interesting instruction, and to help you see the point in what you are being asked to learn.  Just as you have a right to expect respectful treatment from me, I expect it from you.  Below are some guidelines to help you succeed in my class this trimester.


Class Supplies:  Please obtain the following supplies and be prepared to show them to me by the third day of class to begin earning participation points:

            *70-page college-ruled spiral notebook for in-class journaling and other written work

            *Madison Junior High agenda (provided by MJH)

            *red correcting pen

            * # 2 pencils (mechanical pencils are fine as well)

            *TWO pocket portfolio folders (one to turn in writing assignments, and one in which to keep handouts)

            *dictionary and thesaurus for home/school use (computer-based ones aren’t convenient when reading or writing by hand, so                        round up a good hard copy or hand-held electronic version of each)


Class Expectations:  Participation points will comprise approximately 20% of your trimester grade and will be given each day for the following appropriate classroom behaviors:


            *Being on time to class and in your seat when the final bell rings (tardiness is a pet peeve of mine—consider yourself warned).

            *Being sure to excuse all absences through the office; unexcused absences will result in a loss of daily attendance points.


            *Bringing your spiral notebook, writing utensils, agenda, and assigned work to class each day (I don’t provide pencils or paper).

            *Actively participating in class and following directions the first time they are given.

            *Keeping distractions to a minimum by honoring school dress standards and not bringing food, drinks, iPods, or cell phones to

                    class.  A water bottle is okay.


            *Showing respect to me and to your fellow students so that everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas in class—even if  they                            are different from your ideas.

            *Raising your hand to speak, and avoiding excessive talking which disrupts classroom instruction and discussion.

            *Refraining from cheating, plagiarism, theft, or destruction of classroom property (including no writing on desks—this will cost                       you your participation points for the whole week).                       

  **Failure to meet any of these expectations will result in a loss of participation points for the day.  Persistently disrespectful behavior will result in DETENTION, to be served before or after school.  Participation points cannot be made up, so don’t lose them.


 Grading:  In addition to participation points, your trimester grade will be based on daily work in grammar, composition, and literature as well as periodic quizzes and tests.  I grade on a point system and only occasionally offer extra credit to students who have turned in all of their work, so don’t count on doing a bunch of extra credit to save a poor grade at the end of the trimester.  Final trimester grades will be based on the following percentages:  94-100% = A, 90-93% = A-, 87-89% = B+, 84-86% = B, 80-83% = B-, 77-79% = C+, 74-76% = C, 70-73% = C-, 67-69% = D+, 64-66% = D, 60-63% = D-.  I round your final percentage to the nearest percentage point, and this determines your grade.  I don’t make exceptions, since it’s unfair to other students. 

 If you want to earn a good trimester grade, the secret is to just take it day by day: attend class and participate, work hard on regular assignments and submit them on time, study for quizzes and tests, and please come and talk with me if you have questions or concerns.  Your parents are welcome to contact me throughout the trimester as well—district email usually works best.  My email address is


 Absences:  Make-up work will be accepted for excused absences only, so be sure to clear these with the office. You will be responsible for checking the “Daily Classwork” notebook in our room to learn what assignments you missed.  In accordance with school policy, you must turn your make-up work in to me within two days of your absence to receive full credit for it.  After that, your work will be considered late (see below).  If you know you will be missing class, please make arrangements with me to make up your work in advance. 


Late Work:   English Department policy states late work will receive a maximum of 50% credit.  It will only be accepted within two weeks of the original due date; after that, no credit will be given.  Late work is defined as work turned in after it is called for—whether it’s one minute late, one day late, one week late, etc.  I will NOT accept any late work during the last week of the trimester before grades are issued, so please don’t ask.


 Hall Passes:  You will be given two hall passes per trimester, so save them for emergencies.  Please don’t ask for another after you’ve used them.  You must have your agenda with you to use a hall pass.     


 Textbook:  If you need to access our 9th grade literature book online, please follow these steps:

1) go to http:/

2) choose high school language arts and Idaho

3) choose McDougal Littell Literature, Grade 9 (at the bottom of the page)

4) choose Online Book and follow the instructions; the Activation Code is 2740458-10

Grammar or literature texts can also be checked out from the school library if necessary.


 Finally, let’s have some fun together.  I hope you’ll choose to give yourself a fresh start in our class, even if English hasn’t been your favorite subject in the past.  Sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves that formal education is a gift that many of the world’s people never receive.  I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity our class will provide you to improve your reading, writing, speaking, and thinking skills—abilities you will need every day, at school, in the workplace, and in your personal life. 

 Ninth grade is a great time to raise the bar for yourself and begin working harder in school, since your grades from here on out will matter for college admittance, the possibility of scholarships, and many future opportunities.  A little forethought and willingness to do your best now will really pay off in the coming years.  I look forward to a rewarding trimester learning together.