CoolHello parents and students! This is the page where I will show the 5th and 6th grade English and Math homework. I will always post the homework in this section. Throughout the year, almost always you will have English Homework.


Read one book. Write title, date and have your parent or guardian sign on a sheet of notebook paper 

DUE: 11/15/10 


CoolHello parents and students! As you know, almost every day you will have English homework. But every day you will have Math homework, except Friday.


Do following math problem(s)

1. 450 divided by 9 = 

DUE: 11/15/10 

ANNOUNCEMENT: It is really important to do your Math homework, if anything. This doesn't mean that I want  students just to do your Math homework. It is important because you have Math for three periods and English for two periods. It's important, to do all your homework or it will pile up and look bad on your Report Card. 

FUN ASSIGNMENT: READ THIS! I would like it if you would check out the websites, on the Links section. Just check them out. You don't have to. THIS ASSIGNMENT IS OPTIONAL!

READ THIS! If you ever have a really fun website that you think is appropriate for school, please email me and I will put it under the Links section. PLEASE do not suggest a website that is not appropriate. I think that all students know what appropriate websites look like but I will tell you anyway.

I do not want you to suggest websites that involve war, drugs, fighting, or anything sexual. If you can't watch those kinds of things at home, than you can't watch them here! If you do watch them, you need to know that in class, we won't watch them.   I don't want to SEE these websites, HEAR these websites, or WATCH these websites. 


If you forget to write down your homework or you didn't listen you can always check on this section. After one week, I write the answers on this section under the problem. Sometimes I will post the word OPINION under the English homework. That means that this question can be answered in different ways. There is no wrong answer.   I can tell if you just copied the answers of the website. You must show your WORK! I will not accept answers with no WORK! After two weeks, I remove the old homework and copy it onto a document. If you never do it, at the end of each semester I will give you a sheet of paper with the problems. At the end of the year, if you don't do it, you will have a downpoint on your grade. A DOWNPOINT in this class, is when your grade goes down.