Hello parents and students! This is the "Announcement" page. You will find out about all the things happening in your class. On the "My Classroom" page, it says the word "Announcements". It is just telling you when we have school, and special holidays. This page is more descriptive. Please make sure to look at this page from time to time. Thanks!
Ms. Brady
CoolToday is Costume Day! On Costume Day, you may wear your costume to school. You may wear makeup, IF your costume needs it. You may wear masks, this year! You can wear masks, but as always you CAN NOT wear your masks in the classroom. You may wear high heels. That is the only change to the dress code policy! You may still NOT wear spaghetti strap shirt(s) and/or dresses. You can if you have at least a 2" inch thick strap on your shirt, that you can wear under. 
Also, I know it is Costume Day, but it doesn't mean that we aren't going to work. Parents and students, I know you want to have fun and wear your costume and you don't really want to work. But just because you're in your costume doesn't mean we aren't going to do work. You MUST bring your backpack to school! Points will be taken off, because all Students have been informed, that they HAVE TO bring their backpack, yesterday.