Digital Citizenship

What is Digital Citizenship?



Vicki Davis explains the 9 P's of Digital Citizenship in  What Your Student Really Needs to Know About Digital Citizenship

1 - Password  (is it secure enough?)

2 - Private Information (Protect it!)

3 - Personal Information (Use Caution)

4 - Photographs (Unknowingly Sharing Information)

5 - Property (Copyright)

6 - Permission (Get it, Cite it)

7 - Protection (From Viruses to Identity Theft)

8 - Professionalism (Netiquette)

9 - Personal Brand (Your Digital Tattoo)

What is Netiquette?

It's easy to type anything when protected by anonymity.

Kind things. Hurtful things.

Social Media can be used for good or ill. 

Tool or Weapon? Addressing Cyber Hate in the Classroom discusses the power of social media / networking and the online community.

Understanding this power, Jennie Spiegler provides 5 strategies to fight cyber hate.


Safety on the E-mail and the Internet

Teaching young children the importance of "stranger danger" begins early.

So should teaching young children the importance of online "stranger danger".

Watch Brain Pop - Internet Safety to help students understand what to do to be safe?


Copyright, Plagiarism, and Fair Use

* Define each term

* Provide resources on how to cite sources and avoid plagiarism

Equitable, Digital Access in Your Classroom

- Ideas for scheduling access to the techonologies in your classroom.

       - iPads, iPods, Chromebooks, Computers, etc.

Classroom Technology Rules0

" />

For computers, cell phones, cameras and other tech

Acceptable Technology Use Policy

Parents and students, sign this!


Taken from:

*six Internet resources (title and URL of the resource) for across the topics.

*six images, and

*three embedded videos



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