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I'm so excited I was finally about to get this set up. I'm hoping it will be a great way for parents and students to feel more connected. Please feel free to contact me or post any celebrations, questions, or concerns! Thanks for stopping by!


Miss Reel 



About the Teacher:

 My name is Amanda Reel. I was born and raised in Prescott, AZ. I have a huge family there and grew up in a small town like we have here. Though I miss my family I needed to stretch my wings a bit. Since New Castle is a lot like my hometown(and I got a job) I decided to settle here. The first year was tough not knowing anyone but now I have a great family and friend support system. I'm about to get married to a great man Will.  As your students might have told you I'm changing my name to Mrs. Zeman shortly!  Some of my favorite hobbies are camping, jeeping, archery hunting and cooking. I love a weekend on the mountain more than anything!