Classroom Website of Ms. Gillies

Hello Students and Parents!  This web page was created to provide you with important classroom information.  Maybe later, when I've become more experienced at creating web pages, this page will include student work samples.



 Paragraph Checklist - My paragraph:




____ addresses the prompt.

____ includes only the most important information.

____ contains correct information.

____ has enough information.





____ has a topic sentence that includes a main idea.

____ has sentences that make sense and are in the right order.

____ has a concluding sentence.





____ is written in my own words.

____ uses strong words, descriptive language, or specific vocabulary.

____ reads smoothly and sounds natural when I read it out loud.





____ contains no fragments or run-ons.

____ contains no errors in capitalization, punctuation, spelling, or grammar.

____ is neatly written.

____ is indented.




Summary Guide


Who? Who is this mainly about?


What? What is the problem (look at the title)?     pastedGraphic.pdf

What is this mainly about (look at the title)?

What is most important?


Where? Where does it take place?

Where is most of the action?

Where can I find it?


When? When did it happen?

When can I see this?


Why? Why did it happen?

Why is this important?

Why was this written?


How? How was the problem solved?

How have things changed?

How have the characters changed?

How have we learned from this?                 

                     (Look at the title.)