Home Remedies To Stop Receding Gums

Although they might not know it, almost 50 percent of the American adult population is infected with some stage of gum disease, known as 'gum disease. 'It's a mouth infection that happens following poor dental care habits or other problems and is usually the cause of ultimate tooth loss in adults. The infection itself eats away at the gums and tissue supporting the bones in the teeth, those tissue that hold the teeth in place.

Once the infection has occurred, the gumline may start to recede, gums may bleed, and a lot of pain may result. Folks who have been diagnosed with some sort of gum disease often take that as the worst news ever; although no one wants to hear that they are in danger of losing their only remaining set of teeth, there is something which can be done about your gum disease And Receding Gums Remedies.


Receding Gums Natural Remedies


Firstly, a dentist can provide the best tips regarding your gum disease and what you can use about it. They know your mouth better than anybody and can offer as much personalized advice as needed; basically, the basics are the same for everybody.

Brushing adequately is the primary way to control periodontal disease; three minutes at minimum is required. Flossing is a part of oral care that is usually ignored, and although it only takes a couple of minutes a day, it has the possibility to turn around even some of the nastiest cases of periodontitis. There's no other way to extract oral plaque from between the teeth than flossing; folks who neglect it are neglecting an essential part of proper oral care.

Oral problems can become all-consuming in a person's life, and knowing their causes, and methods to avoid problems is essential to overall health. Likewise, there's hope, and there are natural solutions for gum pain or abscessed tooth.

Look Behind the Problem

By the time we end up with bleeding gum or gum pain, mouth sores or ulcers, or a problem tooth, they're usually obvious signs of problems along the way. It's because teeth and gums are highly sensitive to nutritional problems and deficiencies.


Let's break down this problem and examine three parts:

  • Tooth problems;
  • Gum problems;
  • Overall oral health 


Gum Disease

Every person should know about adequate oral care, however it shocking that youngsters know so little about this issue. Ultimately the poor oral habits of youngsters turn into the habits of adults.

The most common lapse is in dental flossing. Many folks stop flossing because of bleeding gums. However, the dentist has confirmed that bleeding during flossing is an indication that too little flossing is taking place. And they see bleeding as a sign of gum disease ( that results in loosened and lost teeth). So, keep moving in the right direction and keep flossing.

Ties have been made between oral hygiene and general health. Problems with gums and teeth are symptoms of bigger health issues, including a lack of essential nutrients. Eating certain types of foods deprives the mouth and teeth of essential healing and health-building agents; and NOT eating particular real, whole, raw foods deprives the mouth and teeth of the capability to heal.

Because the mouth is the first step in the digestion process, an infected mouth results in a type of starvation that comes from the inability to break down foods and use them in the cells. Obviously, sugar has been suggested as a factor in dental problems for centuries, but there are other less popular substances which are just as harmful, including toxins, soda and acidic food ingredients, refined foods, artificial ingredients.

Another serious factor in oral health is smoking and the use of cigarettes and tobacco products which minimize healthy blood circulation to the mouth, cause oxidation within cells and the damage of tissues, thus damaging bones and teeth. Read here home remedies for receding gums.


Best Natural Home Remedies To Stop Receding Gums


Tea Tree Oil


No doubt that the tea tree oil has proved its results in treating gum disease. It is counted among the most effective cures. You may brush your teeth with pure tree tea oil, or you can order toothpaste which contains the tea tree oil as one of its primary ingredients. If you do not like the taste of tea tree oil, you can also use the Aloe Vera gel. Tea tree oil is able to do preventing the following symptoms.


Oil pulling

In a 2010 study, the ayurvedic practise of oil pulling proved a decrease of plaque in people with gum disease.

To try oil pulling, swish a tbsp of top-quality coconut oil around your mouth for around 15 minutes. This swishing "pulls" the oil between your teeth. Then spit the oil out, wash your mouth with warm tap or saline water, and clean your teeth.

The conventional oil to use for this method is sesame oil. But 2011 study on cavities from Athlone Institute of Technology shows that coconut oil may stop the Streptococcus mutans bacteria from hurting tooth enamel.


Vitamin C


Even though there isn't any evidence that consumption of Vitamin C helps in decreasing the symptoms of gum disease, yet its consumption could help in stopping the bleeding gums along with stopping the gums receding. Always take your Vitamin C dissolved in water. This makes it easier for Vitamin C to reach each corner of the mouth.


I prefer Extra Virgin Olive Oil To Treat Receding Gums


I've not attempted others yet, but several folks have used Coconut and Sesame Oils with good results. Every day when I first wake up, and on an empty stomach, I take a tbsp of EVOO, put it in my mouth and strongly swish --- "pulling" it around and through my teeth again and again for 10-15 minutes. Now, this is the essential part: you do not like to gargle it, and you must apply it a minimum of the 15 minutes until the oil becomes oxygenated, white, and foamy. Don't Ingest it as it has bacteria and toxins which have been "pulled" from your teeth and oral mucosa --- Spit It Out and run warm water to keep the oil from possibly clogging your sink drain. I have been doing this exact process every day in the morning and evening for two weeks now, and I have noticed some unbelievable improvements. http://helpmyrecedinggums.educatorpages.com/