ya like poop>?

well youve come to the riht plave

here we have

  • poop
  • poop
  • more poop
  • even poo
  • different forms of poop (eg. diarrhea, fart, solid poop)
  • and even pee!



they always tell you youre only supposed to highlight the important stuff, like poop probably.  the important thing is, we got pooppoop, or cum or pee. oh yeah i forgot to say you gotta bring poop to be acepted. we dont care if its BIG or small, red or blue, we just need ya to bring poo.

and yes, poop club is also very gay 

“We need you to bring poop.”
- Rem, leader of the poop club

more poop info

  1. we need your poop
  2. seriously
  3. you cant be here without poop

we're a very serious club. we have:

  • serious poop
  • scientific poop
  • casually funny laugh-inducing poop

heres a table to show we're serious:


solid normal poop
liquid              diarrhea
gas fart
plasma pee


thats all there is to poop.