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Home Economics

You will have home economics class once a week on Tuesday. You will learn about different life skills including cooking, sewing, needlework, and other aspects that will help you grow into a young adult. During this class we will create new recipes and create an article of clothing using a sewing machine.

Day 1:

  • First day of school
  • Set up classroom, decorate and discuss goals.

Day 2:

  • Second day of school
  • Write short term and long term goals printout
  • Discuss syllabus
  • Create and decorate your Home economics journal and recipe book or box. Be creative and have fun!

Day 3:

  • no lesson for the day

DAY 4: 

We will start our home economics class with the basics in the kitchen. We will begin learning about major kitchen appliances, small kitchen appliances, and safety in the kitchen. Let's get started!yes

  • Lesson: Unit 1: Lesson 1
  • Do: Read Major kitchen appliances
  • Home economics journal:
    • How often should refrigerator be wiped clean?
    • What should you use to clean your refrigerator?
    • How long should leftovers be left in the refrigerator?
    • What should be done twice a year to avoid ice build up?
    • How often should the oven be cleaned?
  • Complete: Kitchen word worksheet printout

Day 5:

  • no lesson for the day

Day 6: 

  • no lesson for the day

Day 7:

  • no lesson for the day

Day 8: 

  • no lesson for the day

Day 9:

  • Lesson: Unit 1: Lesson 2
  • Do: Read Small kitchen appliances
  • Home economics journal:
    • What small appliances did you learn about in this chapter
    • What is a crockpot used for?
    • What is a blender and food processor for?
    • Name some foods that can be cooked on an electric griddle.
    • Name the appliances that you currently have in  your kitchen.

Day 10: 

  • no lesson for the day



Day 13: 

  • no lesson for the day

Day 14:

  • Lesson: Unit 1: Lesson 3
  • Do: Read Safety in the kitchen
  • Home economics journal:
    • What are the twelve basic safety rules that you learned in today's lesson?
  • Complete: Safety in the kitchen Worksheet printout

Day 15: 

  • no lesson for the day

Day 16: 

  • no lesson for the day

Day 17:

  • no lesson for the day 

Day 18: 

  • no lesson for the day

Day 19:

  • Lesson: Unit 1: Lesson 4
  • Do: Read Hands on skill
  • Home economics journal:
    • Write the recipe that you use in your recipe book or on an index card for your recipe box

Day 20: 

  • no lesson for the day

Day 21: 

  • no lesson for the day

Day 22:

  • no lesson for the day


Day 24:

  • Lesson: Unit 1: Review
  • Do: Review lessons 1-4
  • Home economics journal:
    • Review notes and questions
  • Complete: Quiz

Day 25:

  • no lesson for the day

Day 26:

  • no lesson for the day

Day 27

  • no lesson for the day
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