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Renee Dikeni's Teacher e Portfolio


Renee Dikeni's Resume


                        Nationalities:      Australian/ British.

Marital Status:   Married

DOB:                   13th of July, 1987.



Objective:       To secure an Early - Middle Primary teaching position within a diverse multicultural school that encourages learning within a global environment.


Education:      -  Graduate Diploma of Primary Education (P-7), Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, 2011

                      -  Bachelor of Arts, Extended Major in Geography, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, 2006-2010

QUT Teaching


Experience:     September- November, 2011, Australian International Islamic School, Brisbane, Grade Two (6-8 years).

                        I worked within an extremely multicultural and challenging classroom, with a large number of the students on humanitarian visas and speaking English as a second language. I taught in the capacity of the teacher’s role for majority of practicum implementing my own behaviour management systems, designing units to meet curriculum standards using a variety of methods. 


May – June, 2011, Jindalee State School, Brisbane, Grade Six (11-12 years)

                        I worked in the capacity of a teacher’s aid and classroom teacher. I followed the routines established by supervising teacher, implemented my own successful behaviour management system, taught a variety of subject and designed units, participated in sports day and regular HPE and Music lesson. I implemented inquiry based learning through design, drama and philosophical questioning. Furthermore I introduced the students to ‘global citizenship’ during social studies lessons. I was particularly encouraged when ‘supply’ teachers were surprised that this was my first experience teaching in Australian primary schools due to my effective behaviour management strategies.


Work History:

                        September 2009- July 2010, Fine land Primary ESL Teacher:  I Taught English as a second language to students aged 5-13 years. Two classes were taught a week to each class, one a traditional class using text books, while the second was an informal class in an activity room teaching using inquiry based pedagogy.


May 2009- Sept 2009, Linguaphone Training Centre, Guangzhou, Summer School ESL Teacher: I facilitated ESL classes for children aged as young as 3 years to 14 using games and planned activities. Whilst on camp I was part of a team assisting in larger group activities.

Work History:

September 2010- Current, Kitchenware Stall, Brisbane: After arriving in Australia with intentions to study I had resourcefully sourced products from local wholesalers. I established a customer base and rapport selling ‘Home-wares and Kitchenware’ at local professional markets on weekends. 


May 2007- May 2009, Samsara Furniture, Brisbane, Assistant Manager:  Managed staff and contributed to monthly sales targets, assisted in merchandising exotic and antique furniture, maintained rapport with customers, regular cleaning and end of day procedures.


Nov 2005- May 2007 Tree of Life, Brisbane, Assistant Manager

I developed a long term rapport with new staff, new and regular customers, merchandising of clothing and jewellery, end of day procedures, daily sales targets and paperwork.






1.      Zeba Khan, Australian International Islamic School (year two), Durack, Brisbane.               +617 3372 1400


2.      Janelle Xu, Acting Director of Foreign Teachers, Guangzhou, Yuexiu Translation Centre, Fineland Primary School.                   (020) 8625 3582


3.      Robyn Washington, Jindalee State School Supervising Teacher, Brisbane.                           +617 3725 5777


4.      Donna King, QUT Primary Graduate Diploma Coordinator, Brisbane.                             + 617 3138 8270



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