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When it comes to summer holiday destinations, Greece is certainly one of the most popular not just in Europe, but the world in general. The reason behind this great popularity is actually very simple: Greece is famous for its amazing natural beauty and its very rich cultural heritage. It is home to some of the most beautiful beach in the world with crystal – clear blue and green waters and some of the most famous archaeological sights and museums, including of course the Parthenon and the multiple award-winning Acropolis museum in Athens. Simply put, Greece has something to offer to each and every one of the many visitors that the country welcomes each year, no matter their holiday style may be.

Greece is also known for its many gorgeous islands. The islands in the Aegean sea, in particular, are famous for their gorgeous and extremely clean beaches and their unique architectural style. They are also home to many scenic villages and important cultural sites, including some famous ancient temples and cities such as Knossos in Crete. Some islands are also famous for their extravagant nightlife and the luxurious accommodations that they can offer to their tourists. Islands such as Mykonos and Santorini are visited by literally millions of tourists each year and they are always among the most popular tourist destinations.


But what happens if crowded islands are not your style? What if you would like to spend your summer vacation in a rather small and quiet island, away from the maddening crowds and the hundreds of party – goers? Well, in that case, Paros is definitely the right choice for you. This rather tiny island in the souths side of the Aegean sea is known for its beauty and many scenic coastal villages. It is one of the most beautiful islands in the country, but it is not as popular as Santorini and Mykonos. It is the place where even famous people that like to visit Greece go to relax and escape the crowds of fans and the Paparazzi. In other words, it is the ideal destination for a family vacation or for people who just would like to get away from it all during the summer and still enjoy high-quality services and luxurious accommodations at reasonable prices.

Another thing that makes Paros stand out, is its relatively small size. It is a very beautiful island, but thanks to the fact that it is rather small, one can get to explore it in its entirety. The island does have a rather good public transport system, however, since no-one wants to adjust his holiday time to fit the schedules of buses, the perfect solution for people looking to explore Paros is to rent a car. Since the island is a very popular tourist destination, there are many different car rental agencies for its visitors to choose from. It goes without saying that some of those agencies manage to stand out and one, in particular, is widely hailed as one of the best on the island: Meltemi Rentals. What makes this company so special though? Let’s find out!

Run and staffed by locals

Most car rental agencies on Greek islands are actually run by international corporations or they are the local branches of larger companies, located in Athens or another major city. What this means, is that their rates are usually very expensive since they are essentially “selling their name” and they don’t care too much about the competition from smaller companies. Also, their services tend to be quite impersonal, which means that they usually won’t be able to offer you information on the island or tips on which places to visit. Meltemi car rentals is a family business, which means that the only way they can stay afloat in such a competitive market, is to offer really cheap rates and amazing customer service. They offer the most competitive rates on the island and they even include things in their contracts that other companies charge for, like roadside assistance. Their staff will be on call 24/7 to provide you with any assistance you might need and they will also answer all questions that you might have about the island and the places on it that you should visit. In other words, they will do everything they can to make your stay in Paros really unforgettable.

A wide variety of cars

Another thing that makes Meltemi car rentals stand out from its competition, is the fact that even though the company is definitely not as large as multinational corporations, they have a large fleet of cars at their client's disposal. They have everything from small hatchbacks all the way to large SUVs, ideal for families and people who want to travel in style and luxury, even during their summer vacation. The agency’s staff will help you pick the right one for you, according to your needs and budget.

Furthermore, the people at the Meltemi car rental agency believe in always providing their customers with the coolest cars on the market, which is why they always have the latest and most popular models from the most reliable manufacturers on offer. It goes without saying that they don’t only have cars with manual transmissions, which means that if you don’t know how to drive stick, you don’t need to worry because you will definitely find the right car for you.

Cars in excellent condition

Of course, since we are talking about a car rental agency, it goes without saying that what’s most important is the cars and this is where Meltemi car rentals really shine. All of their cars are constantly maintained and they are always extremely clean and in perfect working condition. They will always run smoothly and provide an amazing ride and trouble-free experience. In the unlikely event that one of the cars offered by the Meltemi car rental agency develops an issue, they will have roadside assistance sent to the spot to take care of the problem and they will even replace the car if its problem is serious and requires time to be fixed.

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