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Making a house at Minecraft

If you are wondering how you can make a house in Minecraft, then we are here to help. But before proceeding, do remember to grab the best-dedicated server. Otherwise, you will be unable to play the game flawlessly. Coming back to the main subject, a two-story wooden house with a balcony is something you can start with. Follow the tips below and start. Now, its very easy to do minecraft server setup at your own.

First of all, you can choose any type of wood for this purpose. Preferably if you can select oak, your house will appear slick. The materials you will need are wooden logs, wooden planks, wooden stairs, wooden fence, wooden slabs, a door, glass or glass panes, and if you want anything else to add to the d├ęcor of the home.

After accumulating all the necessary tools, you can start by doing a 4 X 7 design on either end and then fill them up. For further clarification, you can refer to online videos and tutorials. Now, you are ready to install the fences all around the porch leaving the bottom side open.

Hereon, you can start building the house. You should not find it too difficult in constructing the house within a few hours.