About Me

Hello Parents and Gardians,

My name is Reena Patton. I work at Pine Ridge Early Head Start. I have worked there for 5 years now. I have worked with young children for 12 years. A have my CDA in Early Childhood, A CDL to drive the bus, and an AA in Early Childhood. My goal is to finish my Bachelors in 4 years. 

I have many years exprerience and many different types of training about with young children. I help raise my brothers and sister while we grew up. I'm a patience and caring person. I can handle just about anything the children can throw at me Laughing. I set up a safe and healthy environment for the children in my care to feel safe in. I ensure the proper lesson plans for each child development by doing daily observations and other documentations. I aslo inform the parents on a daily bases what thier child/children have done that day. I feel parent involvment in an inportant part in the program and the child's life. Because parents are the child's first teacher.