Classroom News


Classroom News

Mrs. Gaona

Important Information

I will be sending daily reading homework for the week.  Please make sure to sign for each day on the reading packet.  Have your child highlight, circle or underline the words they miss and practice those words until mastered.

You will be seeing a new homework log for reading.  It will have you child’s college house and words they need to practice daily.  These words are new words in each reading lesson.  Help your child by making flash cards to practice these words daily. Please make sure when making flash cards that they are written correctly as seen in the reading passages.  Have your child point under each sound for the words they miss and then tell them to say it fast.

I will also be sending reading worksheets for the week. Please make sure that all homework is completed daily and not jump ahead.  The homework being sent covers all the lessons we cover in class for the week.

It is very important that you help your child with their homework daily. This will help your child become more successful and reach his/her end of year goals.


Please have your child come in proper uniform daily.

       Monday-Thursday: Idea Academy polo shirt and kakis.

       Friday: Jeans, spirit shirt, or college shirt only.  If your child does not have a college shirt or spirit shirt, they must wear the regular uniform.

Please have your child at school on time encourage you to send your child to school everyday, unless they are very ill.  Please contact me with if you have any questions or  by phone call or text or through email.


Thank you for your support,

Mrs. Gaona