The benefits of community gardens for urban areas - bringing people together 

Community gardening in urban areas may also be known as urban gardening. It involves growing and raising food in densely populated urban areas. A restaurant may grow their own herbs in an indoor garden, a neighbourhood may take over a allotment for a raised bed garden, a family may keep bees for honey on the roof, are all examples of urban gardening. Instead of the trucks causing pollution by delivering the food to cities, people in the city are taking matters into their own hands to produce local and sustainable food.

Community gardening is an opportunity to socialise with family, friends and neighbours. It is inspiring tp see how this can bring people together. We get to see people of all races, religions, economic and cultural backgrounds working and laughing together. We see people who felt alone and disconnected finding a place in their community, getting to know their neighbours and making new friends. Society has become more bothered about mobile phones and technology keeping us in touch with people further away, making us less dependent on those near us.  With the decline of local shopping centres and local churches – which used to bind people together – it’s clear that community gardening can go a long way towards creating a sense of belonging. Older and younger generations can get to know, understand and respect each other in new ways as they discover a shared passion in gardening.

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