The negatives of community gardens in urban area - crop loss

Is crop loss a problem for community gardens? 


Crop loss simply means that a lot of crops in the community garden are lost. It can become a big problem for community gardens. The result of crop failure tends to affect the amount of food available to eat. Changing weather conditions will most probably top the list of the causes for crop loss. Weather can either be too hot or extremely cold, so the crops don't survive. These different weather conditions can cause the crops to dry up because of the scorching sun. They may also fail to grow because of the extremely cold weather. 

Crops may also be lost because of pests and wildlife. In urban areas, foxes and birds can be a big problem for eating crops. Also, pests such as armyworms and beetles can destroy the crops. Pesticides can help with this problem, but it is really expensive to buy them. If not dealt with early enough, it may lead to a massive crop failure. 

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