8th Grade Links

Welcome to Mrs. Rhea's 8th grade science lessons.

I am so excited to be teaching our 8th graders this year!  I can't wait to see you all again in August.  This page will contain most of the everyday work that we'll be doing for those who must miss a day and it will be updated regularly, but if you notice that something doesn't work, please contact me and let me know.

The focus this year is chemistry and earth science and we will be studying the following.  Please note that the order may change before the school year begins.  If you are new to my class, you may find the attached brochure helpful.  Until then, have a great summer!

8th Grade Brochure for Mrs. Rhea's Class

8th Grade Lessons - Table of Contents 

Unit 1 Intro to Chemistry                                                                   

Unit 2 Chemical Reactions

Unit 3 Forces and Motion Basics                                       

Unit 4 Laws of Force and Motion

Unit 5 Earth-Moon-Sun

Unit 6 The Universe

Unit 7 Atmospheric Movement

Unit 8 Topographic Maps and Plate Tectonics

Unit 9 Ecosystems


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