Each student has a PSP (Program Service Plan) which contains the following information:

  •  Language Proficiency Test information/level
  • Assessment accommodations
  • Instructional accommodations
  • Language proficiency continuum “Can Do’s”

As with the special education IEP, teachers are responsible for knowing what is on the EL student’s PSP.  The ESL staff try to get copies to all teachers at the beginning of the year.  Sometimes teachers are given hard copies; other times they are sent electronic copies. 

The following are possible assessment accommodations and their abbreviations:

RDR=  Reader                               SB=  Scribe                            SL=  simplified language (paraphrasing)

ET= extended time                      BEG= bilingual glossary      ONSL= Oral Native Language Support

**for more information on accommodation determination in SCPS - see "printables" section