The SIOP Model (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol)

Making Content Comprehensible For English Language Learners

SIOP is:

  • A researched based approach to sheltered lesson planning and implementation that has proven effective with English language learners in the United States.
  • A model for teachers to help  English language learners develop their academic English skills while learning grade-level content.
  • A training for teachers to plan and deliver lessons that incorporate these strategies consistently.
  • In the national research study for the Center for Research on Education, Diversity & Excellence (CREDE), and students who had content teachers trained in this specific approach to sheltered instruction-the SIOP Model-performed significantly better on a writing assessment than a comparison group of similar students in classes with teachers not trained in the model.

The components are:

  1. Lesson Preparation *
  2. Building Background
  3. Comprehensible Input
  4. Strategies
  5. Interaction
  6. Practice/Application
  7. Lesson Delivery

* Emphasis on both content and language objectives

Example Objectives:

  • Content Objectives

       Example: Unit: The Gold Rush

  • Learner will be able to identify the three main routes to the west on a map
  • Learner will be able to state at least one distinct fact about each of the three trails
  • Language Objectives

     Example: Unit: The Gold Rush

  • Write 3 sentences explaining how the three routes to the west were given their names
  • Tell how the structure of some words gives clues to their meaning

It fits in SCPS nicely along with Thinking Strategies and Best Practices:

  • It provides a framework for well-prepared and well-delivered differentiated lessons for any subject area that will benefit all students.
  • It offers research-based strategies, rigorous and engaging work, that meet the needs of individual students as listed in the SCPS non-negotiables.
  • Most of the SIOP components/features are already listed on the SCPS Instructional Unit Planning Guide.
  • With the rapid growth of Second language learners, the SIOP model encompasses the understanding that ELL’s can acquire content knowledge while they develop and improve academic English language skills.
  • The SIOP Model will reinforce instructional expectations set out by the district.
  • The SIOP Model is currently being used nation – wide (e.g. New York, California, Texas, New Jersey)
  • Congruent with curriculum and  core academic program
  • Takes in consideration  diversity in language and cultural backgrounds
  • Increases the chance of success for all students
  • Offers models of professional development and growth
  • Offers an integrative and exploratory approach to teaching content
  • Offers varied teaching strategies and learning approaches
  • Offers  a concrete tool for assessment for reflective teaching

Contact your ESL consulting teacher for more information on having a SIOP PD at your school.