Style Guides

Modern Language Association (MLA) Guide 

§  All papers should be typed.

o   Font: 12 point Times New Roman

o   Margins: 1 inch on all sides

o   Ink: Black

o   Double spacing throughout

§  Heading

o   Create a title page (unless instructed otherwise).

o   Begin heading 1” from the top of the first page and flush with the left margin.

o   Include your name, your teacher’s name, the course title, and the date.

o   Center the title on a separate line.

o   See example below.

 §  Indentions

o   Indent the first word of a paragraph ½” from the left margin.

o   Indent quotations (more than four lines) 1” from the left margin.

§  Number all pages except the title page.

o   Start with page 1 and number consecutively.

o   See example below.

§  A Works Cited page is an alphabetical list of all the sources you have cited in your paper. A bibliography is exactly the same, except it lists all the sources you have used in researching your topic, whether cited in the paper or not. For the most up-to-date citation information, please visit


Rome High School Style Sheet  
Dead Words

Do not use these words!

Instead of …


a lot, lots

a great many, a great deal of


excellent, amazing, generous

many, some, few

several, numerous, two, four hundred


pleasant, friendly, appealing


quite, extremely, incredibly, especially


strange, unusual, odd, bizarre


now, recently, only, barely, simply, fair


§  Spell out numbers zero through ninety-nine. Use numerals for figures over 100.

§  Do not use contractions. §  The teacher says, “Punctuation goes inside quotation marks.”§  Use parallel sentence construction. o   CORRECT: She loves reading and writing. o   INCORRECT: She loves to read and writing.
Things to Avoid

§  Fragments: Make sure all sentences are complete!

§  Double negatives: Two negations in the same phrase cancel each other out!

§  Comma splices: Use a conjunction, semicolon, or period between two independent clauses, not a comma!

§  Clichés/Idioms: Say what you mean!

Enhance your writing by…§  using a variety of verbs. Use a thesaurus (or the thesaurus function in your word processor) to enrich your essays and research papers.

“Either write something worth reading

or do something worth writing.”
Benjamin Franklin