1st Period Earth Science(2011)


MONDAY (1/17/10)TUESDAY(1/18/10)WEDNESDAY(1/19/10)THURSDAY          (1/20/10)FRIDAY(1/22/10)


1.02 Design and conduct scientific investigations to answer questions related to earth and environmental science. 1.04 Apply safety procedures in the laboratory and in field studies: 


(For all days)


Students will be able to select and use appropriate measurement tools in order to collect and record data. They will organize data into charts and graphs and then analyze and interpret the data.  While in the lab, student will communicate findings and recognize or create testable hypotheses , Identify variables and use a control or comparison group when appropriate . In addition, they will recognize and avoid potential hazards and safely manipulate materials and equipment needed for scientific investigations. 

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Earth /Environmental Weather Project

Written projects due On different days as listed for each part

Oral Presentations due : TBA

Introduction:There are phenomena that occur in our atmosphere that influence the environment and have an economic impact on planet Earth.  The study of this

phenomenon (weather) is a large part of Earth Science called Meteorology.  Weather is the current state of the atmosphere and all the variables that can take place

 over minutes, hours, days, weeks, and even months. This Weather Project will investigate, analyze, and research different aspects of the weather.  Students will

research the interaction of several atmospheric factors such as heat energy, air pressure, air currents and moisture.  The following is general outline of each part

of the weather project.  All criteria for grades are based on minimal work to obtain a C grade in between 84-77%.  All pages  (except the poster/multimedia

presentation) will be placed in a three-ring notebook.  Organization, creativity, and neatness will be 5% of the total grade. 

Part I:  Due TBAAnalyze and research a weather phenomenon that is considered to be weather related natural disaster.  TSUNAMIS are NOT weather related.  This is a written report, minimum of 2 pages, 1.5 single- spaced, with no larger than 12 point font.  Diagrams must be included to help explain your topic better. Document the where your retrieved your diagrams Sources must be documented and come from a variety of places: electronic/ Web-based, reference/textbook, periodicals, published books.) Be sure to use EBSCOHOST for your periodicals.   At least 3 diagrams are to be included in this section that help to better describe the weather disaster.  Topics are chosen based on a lottery system.  Topics will include such disasters as hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, floods, blizzards, hail storms, mudslides, etc. Be sure to include a discussion of the weather variables that contribute to the weather disaster and discuss any related environmental or economic impacts from the disaster.  A) You will choose a weather variable to research extensively.  Examples: air masses, fronts, winds, clouds, radiant heating, barometric/atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity, etc.  This should go along with the causes of your disasterous weather.  Be sure to include specific dates/times of examples and details. (10 points) (10 pts)***A note about Diagrams:  Diagrams are used to better explain a topic, they must be explained and their purpose evident.  They do not count as part of the approximately 30 lines of text per page that are expected for the minimum.*** Complete the following ClassZones: 1608, 1702, 1806, 1906, 2013  

Checklist for Your Weather Project: 

Part I:

_____ Minimum  2 pages, 1.5 single-spaced, with 12 point font 

______Disaster Title Page 

_____  Bibliography page with 4 different types of sources using MLA format

 _____  3 diagrams 

_____  3 out of 5 Classzones completed (1608, 1702, 1806,1906, 2013  

Due Friday, March 26, 2010 

Part II: 

_____  2 sets of  5 weather maps with summaries 

_____ 2 weather predictor maps with summaries

 _____ Analysis and Conclusion Questionnaire 

_____ Summary of  Entire Lab

 _____ EXTRA:

Due TBA: Part III: 

_____Crib Sheet on Meteorology, Meteorologists, and  Weather Instruments 

_____ Minimum 7  ( 10, 15)  consecutive days of weather variable data form Television 

_____ Data Table  of  at least 2 Weathermen and their weather data variables and predictions 

______Analysis and Conclusion Questionnaire

 ______ Summary 

 Due TBA Part IV:

_____ Visualization

 _____ Oral Presentation without reading your visualization 

_____ 2 current event newspaper articles

 _____ Extra Credit Weather instruments and Data

Due TBA:  All numbered requirements are for an AVERAGE Grade of  C ( 84-77%)