Make a Crib Sheet 

1) Observe the two examples that identify topics in earth science.

Download both copies of the PDF File to your directory so you can reference them as needed.

2)  Notice all the different parts of the Crib Sheet that make it a useful study guide. Build your version according to these two examples. 

3)  Develop your own version of a Crib Sheet about Minerals   OR    Rocks

What are Minerals           Or       The Rock Cycle

4)  In addition, make a 2nd Crib Sheet from one of the following topics

Economic Importance of Minerals and Rocks in North Carolina

How North Carolina’s  Rocks and Minerals were Formed

The Historical Geology of North Carolina

Mining of Rocks and Minerals in North Carolina

A pre-approved topic of your choice  (relating to minerals and rocks)

5) Create your own rubric: In other words, what concepts and criteria should be included in this assignment and assign a point value to each criteria.  Example of a rubric similar to what you should develop:


6)  A good place to start to get some ideas:

7)  The first Crib Sheet is due on Thursday, November 19th.  The second one is due Monday, November 23. Each one must have a rubric.

8) You should be able to embed most objects and pictures using MS word, publisher, or maybe do it as a powerpoint slide in portrait orientation.  I'm not sure if we have adobe pdf capabilities....I will find this out.