2010 Physical Science

Week of 11/01/01
Monday 11/01/10INTRO – Newton’s CradleNOTES -  Section 14.1 pg. 412;  Work and Power.   Chapter 15.1: Energy PPT   Work & Energy  DUE:       Energy & Work w/sChapter 14. 1 and the rest of 15 Workbook Pages are to be completed. 
Tuesday 11/02/10Quick lab: page 450: Investigating Elastic and Potential Energy.DUE: Data, Questions, Analysis, Paragraph Summary

Complete lab if not finished                     Study for Energy & Work Quiz  on Wednesday.                                                       Complete vocabulary for 14.1 and no less than half of Chapter 15 vocabulary

Wednesday 11/03/10

Meet in the computer Lab for Labs on Energy        QUIZ - Energy & Work  (Study Island)                    DUE: Conservation of Energy Lab by end of class  and Quiz

Complete the remaining Vocabulary words for Chapter  15.                                        Begin reading chapter 16: Thermal Energy.


Thursday 11/04/10NOTES - Thermal Energy                                   Discuss Thermal Energy                                    Thermal Energy w/s                                              DUE: Thermal Energy w/sComplete Chapter 16 Workbook pages as you re-read Chapter 16.                                                               Study for quiz on Chapter 14.1 and 15.
Friday 11/05/10

NOTES - Thermal Energy   continued.

Quiz on Chapters 14.1 and 15.

Sources of Energy Assignment Energy Extra Credit Work on racecars