2nd and 3rd Period Earth Science 2010

Weekly Agenda for 2nd and 3rd period

Week of 11/01/01


Monday 11/01/10

Review the Rock Cycle with Quiz                              Complete Identification and properties of Rocks.

Due: Rock Identification Lab, Mineral Uses Activity, CZ 1501, Mineral Identification Lab.

Chapter 3 workbook pages and vocabulary should be done by today. 

Students have a Study Guide that should also be completed by today.

Study for test by completing Questions at the end of Chapter 3.

Tuesday 11/02/10

Review for test: Chapters 2 & 3

Test on Chapters 2 & 3 Rocks. Due today: All vocab, workbook pages and

Begin Chapter 5: Weathering and Erosion

 Begin Reading Chapters 5 & 7 for the next unit.  

Begin workbook pages for Chapter 5 only.

Wednesday 11/03/10

Meet in the computer Lab for today

Test on chapters 5& 7 will be next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Complete Workbook Pages for Chapter 5. Begin Vocabulary for chapter 5.

Thursday 11/04/10

Notes and Powerpoint on Chapter 5: Weathering and Erosion



Complete Vocabulary for chapter 5 and Finish Questions at the end of Chapter 5.
Friday 11/05/10

 Continue with Notes and Powerpoint;

Lab: My school is Corroding( Walk around the school observing any weathering. 

 Begin reading Chapter 7 and complete the workbook pages for Chapter 7.