Mrs. Riddle's Computer Class


Our Lady of Victory School 2013-2014


I have worked at OLV for the past 23 yrs.

I was born on August 8, 1956.  I grew up in Arbutus, MD and attended OLV from 1st to 5th grade. I then went on to Arbutus Middle School, Catonsville High School, Western Vo Tech and I attended Catonsville Community College.

I work at CCBC in the 70's and was their Computer Operator during the evenings and took Computer Progaming courses during the day.

I got married November 12, 1976 at OLV. I worked at the college until, 1980 that is when I had my son Jason. I left CCBC and worked in a dentist office as a receptioniest and chair side assistant. I worked there for 7 yrs.

In 1991 I started working for OLV as the computer teacher. For the past 23 yrs I have been very privaleged to be able to teach my friends children that I went to school with and also their grandchildren.   I have enjoyed every year of teaching at OLV.

Things are changing now and I pray that our school will thrive with all the new and exciting things that are happening here. Change is hard but it is important to keep up with the times.



A lot of great things are happening in the lab!!

I Teach Pre-K to 8th Grade


Pre-K & Kindergarten

Typing their names and classroom reinforcement (shapes, numbers, letters).

They will also be learning what the parts of the computer are and what they do.


1st & 2nd Grades

We will be working in Word Documents using graphics (pictures).

Math-Telling Time-Money-as well as cooridinating with the teachers.



3rd & 4th Grades

Working in Scholastic Keys-Word Documents


Internet search-As well as coordinating withthe teachers


5th & 6th Grades

Windows, Word, Math, Internet research and

working with the teachers.


7th Grade

Publisher Documents-Research-Internet-Access-PowerPoint

as well as coordingating with the teachers


8th Grade


Combinding al the information in a document-

Internet research- as well as coordinating with the teachers