Social Studies Websites

Social Studies

Social Studies Sites for Kids

•  Your Neighborhood•  Ben's Guide to U.S. Government•  Delivering the Goods
•  Communities Word Game•  Government Word Game•  Norman Rockwell's Curiosity Shop (Goods & Services)
•  Community Field Trip•  President for a Day•  Mystery Workers
•  Community Sign Scramble•  How Does Government Affect Me?•  Economic Songs
•  What's My Job? Community Workers•  White House for Kids•  Producers Slideshow & Quiz
•  Types of Communities•  Presidents of the United States•  Natural, Capital, & Human Resources

•  U.S. Symbols Match
Regions of the United States

•  Lewis and Clark GameContinents & OceansMap Skills
•  Northeast: The Earliest People•  GeoSpy•  Map Grids
•  Southeastern Cities•  Name the Continents•  Using a Map Grid
•  The Midwest: Great Lakes Region•  Globe Rider
•  Southwest: The Grand Canyon•  Continents & Oceans Match
•  The West: Ghost Towns•  Continent FindFamous Americans

•  Africa Zoom School•  Identify These Famous Americans
Tall Tales•  Australia Zoom School
•  Animated Tall Tales•  Antarctica Zoom School
•  Traveling with Tall Tales Webquest•  South America - Brazil Zoom School
•  Lionel's Tall Tales•  Asia - China Zoom School
•  Pecos Bill Cleans Up the West•  Asia - Japan Zoom School
•  Activated Folktales (Read or Listen)•  Europe - United Kingdom Zoom School
•  American Folklore•  North America - Mexico Zoom School

•  North America - Canada Zoom School