HAART 2 (My homeroom class) will begin reading the book Indian in the Cubpboard.  We will read an average of about a chapter a week.  We will see how this goes, if we need to slow down, we will.  You will see the students come home with assignments that ask them to apply their weekly skills to this book and what is happening in the chapter.  I know they will be motivated to read on past the chapter that we are on, but it is imperative that they stay together and on the same chapter.  We will not get off track and they still need to fulfill their weekly AR goal, so they should only do the required reading in their chapter book.

I am proud to see my HAART 2 group responding so well to instruction and performing well.  I feel that we need to start a chapter book to get their feet wet with working out of chapter books and increase the demand as they are able to rise to that level.  It will be a challenge, but we are here to support your child.