Spelling Words!

Here are the spelling words for the week of September 30- October 4:

Unit 2 Week 2: Digraph -ck and -sh

package stuck knuckle lack shelter shriek punish ashamed really always 


How can I get these words in my long-term memory bank? 

Learn to spell words correctly so you can become a better writer and communicator!

Is spelling hard for you?  Well, what all good spellers have in common is they have good visual skills and can see words printed in their "mind's eye."  The good news is that you can develop your visual skills for spelling by using the "see it, say it, symbol it" method so you can be a good speller, too!

Ask a parent, sibling, or friend to help you learn how to spell your words each week by using this process:

Parent/Sibling/Friend                                                  Student

What you need:  list of spelling words; index card

What you need:  pencil; paper with 2-column chart

1.  Say the word.  Use it in a sentence.

1.  Listen to the word and how it is used in a sentence.
2.  Ask the student to write the word in the left column.

2.  Write the word in the left column.

3.  Spell the word.

3.  Listen as the word is spelled. 

     Touch under each letter you wrote with your pencil tip as it is spelled.  Note errors.

4.  Show word screened (covered) with index card. 

     Move index card to the right to reveal the word one letter at a       time.

4.  See it:  Watch as each letter of the word is revealed. 

     Say it:  Say each letter out loud as it is revealed.  Try to predict what letter will be       revealed next.

5.  Ask student to "take a picture" of the word, close his/her eyes, and see the word printed in his/her "mind's eye." 5.  Look at the word.  Take a "picture" of the word, close your eyes, and try to see the word in your "mind's eye."
6.  Screen the word and ask the student to write the word in the right hand column.  Check for accuracy.  Repeat process if it is incorrect. 6.  Symbol it:  Write the word from memory in the right hand column by seeing the word printed in your "mind's eye."  Repeat the process for this word until you can spell it correctly.
7.  Repeat process for the remaining words. 7.  Repeat process for remaining words.