First Grade Information

First Grade Information

Money Sent To School     If your child brings money for lunch, field trips, fundraisers, etc., please do the following:1.     Place the money (cash or check) in an envelope.2.     Write your child’s name, the amount, and the purpose on the envelope.   With the money in an envelope and marked with the proper information, money handling will be efficient for the staff and safer for the children.  Thank you!


Lunch     Hot lunches will be available to purchase.  The cost will be $2.00.  If your child brings a cold lunch, milk may be purchased for $ .50.  Please enclose money in an envelope and label accordingly as mentioned before in the Money Sent to School section.  If a child forgets their lunch, they will be provided with crackers and cheese.  You may purchase lunches for multiple days or weeks in advance by sending a check or cash with your child.  Any questions regarding lunches should be directed to Sodexho in a letter.  For more information regarding hot lunch, you may visit the website at 

Supplies    Please ask your child if he/she is running out of any supplies.  It is very important that your child's name is on each and every item.   Your child's teacher will notify you if new supplies are needed.

Specials   We will be following our TIGER schedule.  Please see the attached schedule for your child’s specials.  Please send your child with gym shoes on P.E. days as well as on Health days, as there will be times the children go to P.E. on these days.   

Bathroom Breaks   There is one morning and one afternoon scheduled bathroom break and one extra bathroom pass for emergencies.  Please notify your child's teacher if your child has special health concerns regarding bathroom usage.

Report Cards   Report cards will go home every quarter. 

The grading scale is:

E – Excellent   G – Good     S – Satisfactory       N – Needs Improvement      

Math grades are given with these marks: 

M-Meets    DNM-Does Not Meet   MP-Making Progress  NMP- Not Making Progress

Weekly Newsletter    Each Monday your child will bring home a First Grade Newsletter.  This letter will inform you of the different skills your child will be working on and covering throughout the week in each of the content areas.  It will also contain upcoming events and general first grade news.  Please look for this in your child’s blue River View folder each Monday. 

Homework      Please make sure your child is showing you their Blue River View homework/take-home folder every night.  They will have homework every day except for Friday.  In addition, have your child read 20 minutes or more with you every night. 

Behavior     In first grade we use the light system.  Green means your child made good choices, yellow means your child needed to be reminded to make good choices, and red means that your child did not make good choices throughout the day.  In your child’s blue River View folder there is a monthly behavior calendar that is stapled in.  This is to remain in your child’s folder until it is collected at the end of the month.  Each day of the week your child will color green, yellow, or red to indicate the choices he/she made during the day. This will allow you to be aware of the choices they make daily. 

Media Center   We will go to the media center every week.  We are allowed to check out 2 books at a time.  The books need to be returned the next week on our media center day.  Please make sure your child brings their books back so they can check out 2 new books.  It might be a good idea to place your child’s library books in a large Ziploc bag to avoid lunch or water spills that may damage them.

Coats/Jackets     Children should come to school prepared to go outside for recess with a jacket or coat. When winter weather begins, please make sure your child is appropriately dressed.  Your child will also need a pair of shoes to change into if they wear bootsIf you have any used games at your house that you would like to donate to the classroom, it would be greatly appreciated.  Due to inclement weather some days, the children may have indoor recess.  The Teach am trying to fill the shelves with different, age-appropriate games they can play during this time. 

Snack      Please send a small healthy snack to school with your child each day.  Also, please do not send juice with your child.  Water may be kept in the backpack until snack time.