Good Habits, Great Readers

Good Habits, Great Readers

See Myself as a Reader

          Take Care of Books

          Choose “Just Right” Books

          Know Myself as a Reader

          Build Reading Stamina

Make Sense of Text

•     Make Predictions

          Ask Questions

          Problem Solve Unfamiliar Words

          Summarize and Retell

Use What I Know

          Make Connections

          Activate Background Knowledge

          Build Vocabulary and Concept Knowledge

          Make Inferences

Understand How Stories Work

          Understand Story Grammar

          Identify and Understand Literary Devices

          Identify and Use Text Features

Read to Learn

          Learn Information from Nonfiction

          Identify and Use Nonfiction Features and Structures

Monitor and Organize Ideas andInformation

          Take Notes on Fiction and Nonfiction

          Self Monitor and Self Correct


Think Critically About Books

          Respond to Characters

•   Evaluate Nonfiction

      Distinguish Between Fantasy and Reality

          Engage With Books