Homework Policy


1.  Set up a place for homework to be done.  (Make sure it has minimal distractions.)

2.  Set up a consistent time for completing homework.  (Allow at least 1 hour to complete homework.)

3.  Ask your child what part of their assignment is easy for him/her and what part is difficult.  If your child does not seem to understand their homework, please let me know.   You may write a note in their planner or send me an email.

4.  Encourage and prompt your child to do their homework but do not sit with them while doing their homework.  (Homework assignments should consist of skills they know but need to practice.)

5.  Homework should be turned in the following day and will be graded.  Points will be deducted for late homework assignments.

6.  When it is time for bed, please have your child stop working, even if the assignment is not done.