Celebrating 50 years

Celebrating 50 years: games and entertainment for birthdays


A half-century. So that's what you're about to celebrate as your birthday approaches. A great moment that you will have to mark with a white cross. A birthday party to remember these 5 decades and to bring together all those who are dear to you. But also an anniversary day to celebrate this new beginning. Because at 50, your head is still full of ideas and projects galore. So make this birthday party a hyphen that no one will be able to forget.

Organizing your 50th birthday is an essential moment to celebrate half a century!

If every birthday party is important, some mark milestones to cross, new beginnings. The first birthday, of which you have little or no memory, the majority at 18, the world to conquer at 20, and the half-century at 50. It's decided, it will be a happy birthday because organizing a 50th birthday adult is certainly celebrating half a century, but it is also celebrating a new beginning. Celebrating the 50th anniversary marks an important moment, one of those milestones that we remember for a long time. And the anniversary formula for this symbolic date is not comparable to others. Now you know how to organize and wish a happy birthday. Between the children's birthday and the wedding anniversary, you have gained experience; experience, which you hope to take full advantage of for this festive and unforgettable birthday organization. So, 50 years is an age of reason, over which still and always blows a touch of madness and fun. Now is the time to prove it!

What entertainment to celebrate the 50th birthday?

I know You must have always thought how old am I today in days you can go here to check when you were 20-30 and must have a DJ or Disco party now at 50 you need to change a few things let's discuss in detail. 

Celebrate your 50th birthday at home or in a birthday room rental. To each his own answer, to which he will have to adapt in order to be able to decorate (we have prepared some tips for these decorations below). But for now, in order for this milestone to be reached in a memorable way, you must already think about the entertainment that will be offered. Birthday entertainment to celebrate your 50th birthday is essential because you will bring together your loved ones, your family around you. So a DJ for a disco party, as you liked them when you were 20 or 30, or a magician to reinforce this illusion, that time has no hold on you. It's time to rack your brains before sending out your invitation cards. And before even thinking about the design of each invitation card, contact all your guests to ask them for some ideas. So it's decided, your birthday day or evening will be festive, all you have to do is decide.

Celebrate your 50th birthday in an original way, with activity ideas to follow or not

Make an impression and make your 50th birthday a unique moment, your ambition is clearly defined. Isn't it now or never to organize a karaoke? A musical interlude that will bring all generations together, giving you the opportunity to keep control of the programming. A dancing karaoke for the more adventurous, with the possibility of brightening up this musical interlude with various and varied quizzes.

But you can also be even more original, bringing out the guestbook of your 20s or 30s. It is then the time to organize all these pleasures, which you dreamed of and which you still have not granted yourself. A paintball session to share with all the guests, a laser game to go after your dreams, or an escape game to experience the great thrill. Ideas are not lacking.

50 years is also a milestone, so why not remember it by organizing a vast treasure hunt? A car rally to discover hidden clues here and there or strolls in town to unravel intrigues and mysteries. Conviviality and laughter are guaranteed, even if all this is being prepared now.

And for the theme or decoration for an adult birthday, how to decide?

You already have ideas for the entertainment and activities for your 50th birthday party. You still have to think about the birthday theme and the decoration. It's not because you are entering the second half of the century that you cannot choose to organize a themed birthday party. Pirate or princess disguises can be replaced by a playful and adapted dress code: 1970s outfit, disco style, baba cool look,... In 50 years, you have known styles and trends, so why not remember the one that marked you the most. This will be an opportunity to set the tone for this festive moment.

All you have to do is choose the party decoration for a birthday at home or even to enhance a room rented for the occasion.


A successful decoration for an unforgettable party: the essentials with Holly Party

Whether you have organized a festive weekend after calculating the off days and received all your friends, or whether you have multiplied the activities to mark your half-century in the long term, your interior will also have to adorn itself with its finest finery. So for a successful birthday decoration, you now have the age of wisdom. Why deprive yourself of the essentials that you know and which also accompany every child's birthday party? Balloons or even balloons personalized to your age will be hung in your living room but also in your garden or on your veranda.

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Perfect for room decoration, these accessories are sure to remind you that today you are entering a new half-century. So why hide your age?


A few tinsel, a shower of glitter and confetti, and that birthday decoration is in place. All you have to do is think about the table decoration. And a birthday table to celebrate your 50th birthday, you have to prepare and imagine yourself in advance. It's up to you to decide between the traditional cardboard plates, which you've known since your first birthday snack, and the porcelain service, which you dream of bringing out for special occasions.


This beautiful 50th anniversary may be the time for compromise, so follow your desires. On the other hand, no concessions for birthday candles. These candles that you will plant in the birthday cake for an unforgettable moment: blow out the candles and accept one more year, half a century more��.


For the 50th anniversary, anything goes, so maybe it's the right time to change from this traditional chocolate cake to succumb to the convivial Cupcakes Party.


A cake decoration because every detail counts!

Confetti cannons, accessories for Photo Booth sessions, “Happy Birthday” garlands… there are countless decorative accessories, but one is a must-have, even more so to celebrate its 50th birthday. An accessory, which will accompany you for many years and which you can consult according to your desires….

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