Homework and Agendas


Agendas: Every day your child will write down his/her homework in their agenda.  At the end of the day, I will also record the number of behavior points that they received for the day.  I require that the agenda be signed by an adult each night.  This is the way I can communicate with you, the parent.  Please check your child's agenda book daily for assignments they must complete as well as any important notes that are sent home. Assignments may vary from day to day. 


Homework Policy: Homework should be done on time and with an honest effort.  Homework should be neat and complete.


E-Books: Did you know that if your child forgets to bring home his/her textbook you can access it electronically? Some textbooks are available through the Student Portal on BEEP. Here is how it works:

1. Go to http://beep.browardschools.com

2. Click on Student Portal.

3. Under Online Resource enter student username and password (same as Virtual Counselor username and password). The username is your child's 10 digit student ID number and the password is the student's birthday (mm/dd/yyyy)

4. Choose desired online textbook.


Routine Assignments:

*Reading: Students must read at least 30 minutes each night and complete the reading log in the spiral notebook provided.

*Math: Students will have math homework every night.  It will come either from the workbook or textbook most nights.   

*Spelling Contract:  Each week your child will receive a spelling contract.  This assignment is extra credit.  Students may pick and choose which parts they would like to do, but may do as many as they would like.  Remember, neatness counts and each page must be labeled.  

****The spelling contract will begin later in the year.****