Extra Extra READ All About It

         Reading is essential for every student. The reading comprehension skills that will be taught this year include:identifying main idea, determining fact and opinion, understanding author's purpose, sequencing events, vocabulary, recalling details, reference & researchmaking predictions, drawing inferencesunderstanding cause-and-effect relationships and comparing and contrasting.



         Aside from our Treasures Reading Textbook students will also be using the following program(s):

Accelerated Reader- Accelerated Reader is an assessment that primarily determines whether or not a child has read a book and has understood what they read. The software provides additional information to teachers regarding reading rates, amount of reading, and other variables related to reading. There are three steps to using Accelerated Reader.

First, students choose and read a book. This book is chosen during the students media special time or from our classroom library. The teacher then monitors their reading. This is done through their reading logs and in class time. 

Second, students take a quiz. This quiz will test the students comprehension skills.

Third, the teacher receives the student's quiz score. This information is intended to assist, motivate reading, monitor progress, and target instruction.