Mrs. Rice's Class

 January 29, 2010

Weekly Outlook for the Week of February 1st:


S.S.: Pass back Chapter 6 test w/ quick review, Introduction to Chapter 7, group reading HW: 6 vocabulary words for Chapter 7 Section 1

Science: Classification of elements notes HW: None



S.S: Check homework, finish reading section 1, end of section questions HW: quiz Thursday on vocabulary and section 1 material

Science: Notes on substances, compounds and mixtures HW: Quiz Friday



S.S.: Reading the Panama Canal with activity HW: quiz tomorrow

Science: Study guide for Friday’s quiz, finish notes on substances, compounds and mixtures HW: Quiz Friday



S.S.: Quiz, Chapter 7 Section 2 introduction HW: finish handout

Science: Handout on compounds and mixtures, discussion HW: quiz tomorrow and finish handout



S.S.: Book reading, vocabulary for Chapter 7 section 2 HW: None

Science: Collect homework, Quiz, Periodic Puns activity HW: Chapter 3 Test Wednesday



January 24th, 2010

 Weekly Outlook for the Week of January 25th:



S.S.: Collect homework, go over Chapter 6 Section 3 vocabulary, Mayan game presentations HW: Vocabulary quiz tomorrow, Test Friday

Science: Go over additional Chapter 3 vocabulary words, Element activity groups and instructions HW: bring scissors and glue for tomorrow


S.S: Vocabulary quiz, finish Mayan game presentations HW: Chapter 6 Test Friday

Science: Start Element activity with groups HW: Quiz Thursday on element's parts, bring colored pencils tomorrow


S.S.: Chapter 6 study guides HW: Test Friday

Science: Quiz Review,Periodic table activity HW: quiz tomorrow


S.S.: Study guide discussion,review game HW: Test tomorrow

Science: Quiz, finish Periodic table activity HW: None

Friday- 1/2 Day- Report Cards

S.S.: Chapter 6 Test HW: None

Science: None- Noon Dismissal



January 19,2010

Weekly Outlook for the Week of January 19th:

 This week's schedule is a bit confusing, but nonetheless, we have much to accomplish and will push through Smile  We do not have chapel this week, due to 1/2 days.  Also, you may see some duplicate information below, but that is because I do not see every class, every day, so some will have material after other classes.


S.S.- Mayan ball court rubrics, groups, 1st drafts of games HW: Game due 1.26.10

Science- Pass back labs, notes on elements HW: None


S.S.- Read text, work in groups if time allows HW: Game due 1.26.10

Science- Pass back labs, notes on elements HW: None


S.S.- Finish section 3 reading, section questions and vocabulary, group work if time allows HW: pg. 206 #1-7 due Monday, Game due Monday

Science- Breaking down elements, with a diagram, discussion HW: None


S.S.- Book work review of Chapter 6 HW: pg. 206 #1-7 due Monday, Game due Monday

Science- Book work on elements and molecules HW: None


The game refering the the Mayan Ball Court game was started in class, but each group memeber should be completing pieces at home.  This is due Monday, January 26, 2010 and will presented to the class that day or Tuesday, depending upon time.  Each person will be graded seperately as well as how well they work together.  A rubric was given to the students, so feel free to take a look.

Next week in social studies, they will be having a quiz on Chapter 6 Section 3 and a test next Friday on Chapter 6.  Next week in science we will be working in groups on the periodic table of elements and disecting that information.

 Enjoy your week!








January 11, 2010

Weekly Outlook for the week of January 11th:


S.S.: Chapter 6.1 vocabulary, whole-class reading HW: quiz Wednesday on Section 6.1 and vocabulary

Science: Quiz format, additional information about atoms HW: Quiz tomorrow


S.S: Finish reading 6.1, quiz review HW: Quiz tomorrow and bring note cards

Science: Quiz, handout on atoms HW: None


S.S.: Section 6.1 quiz, 6.2 vocabulary on note cards, Mexico's Guided Reading handout HW: Small quiz Friday on Section 2

Science: "What's the Matter" lab sheet, demonstration HW: bring lab sheet and calculator


S.S.: Book reading with correlating handout, quick quiz review, book questions if time allows HW: Small quiz tomorrow

Science: Review instructions, Lab on finding density HW: None


S.S.: Quiz, book review questions, "Ball Court" handout with examples, rubrics HW: game due date 1.25.10

Science: Film on molecules & atoms HW: None


January 3, 2010

 Weekly Outlook for the week of January 4th:


Monday- finish atoms handout, "The Smallest part of Matter" handout with questions HW: finish questions

Tuesday- Web organizers on atoms/matter HW: None

Wednesday- Matter notes/handout HW: None

Thursday- Finish matter notes, "What's the Matter?" activity HW: None

Friday-Finish "What's the Matter?" questions, Intro. to "Parts of an Atom" HW: Quiz next week

Social Studies:

Monday- Geographical locations and daily life organizer, Intro. to Latin America, book reading HW: None

Tuesday- Unit 3: Latin America handout, pair group reading-class discussion HW: pg. 179 #1-4 using complete setences

Wednesday- Maps of Latin America, book overview, introduction to "tradind card" activity HW: Bring colored pencils to class

Thursday- Examples of 'trading cards', start completing 'trading cards' HW: finish cards

Friday- Film about Mexico with questions, collect questions after movie HW: None

December 13, 2009

Weekly Outlook for the Week of December 14th:

Social Studies-

Monday: Canada PowerPoint HW: take home test due Thursday

Tuesday: Canada map instructions and example HW: test due Thursday

Wednesday: Begin Canada maps, Canada hanout HW: test due tomorrow

 Thursday: Take home test due, finish maps HW: none

Friday: Geography activity HW: none


Monday: KWL Chart, constructing vocabulary foldable HW: quiz Thursday

Tuesday: models of atoms, atoms handout HW: quiz Thursday

Wednesday: finish atoms handout, quiz review HW: quiz tomorrow

Thursday: Quiz, CHRISTMAS PARTY! Laughing HW: none

Friday: Grandparents Day, Chapel Day, 1/2 day, No science classes HW: none


December 10, 2009

A few updates:

We are having a Christmas party next Thursday and the students need to bring $3.00 for the purchase of pizza.  Please bring the money in as soon as possible, and the students should give the money to their homeroom teacher.

 In social studies, since our curriculum is geography we are going to be creating and labeling maps.  I have encouraged each and every student to ask 'santa' for a cheap pack of colored pencils to use in social studies. Wink  But really... it would be very helpful, if by the time we come back to school in January, if your child/ren has colored pencils to use in class, because my classroom sets keep mysteriously decreasing.

Take-Home Test: The students were given a Chapter 5 take-home test today in class.  This is due, Thursday December 17th at the beginning of their social studies class.  There is a cover letter to provide helpful hints when completing a take home test.  A parent/guardian signature is required and part of their final test grade.  This is to inform me that you read the cover letter, know your child has a test, and understand my expectations.  I have also informed the students that it is due the 17th, not after winter break... so one day late will receive a 10 point pentalty and anything after that will be a zero.  (Because that would mean they were turning it in after Christmas break)  However, they have a whole week to complete the Chapter 5 test (only two sections), which should be plenty of time.


December 4, 2009

Good Afternoon,

This is just the beginning of our communication through this website.  I plan to use this page instead of  the TeacherEase system, since our membership has expired.

I will write weekly updates, similar to what you recieved on TeacherEase; however, they will not be sent to you through email, just updated on this website.

 Below is a quick overview as to what we will be accomplishing in science and social studies for the week of 12.7.09


Monday: Test review sheet

Tuesday: Test review

Wednesday: Test on Chapter 1 (scientfic method)

Thursday: Introduction to Chapter 3 (atoms) and vocabulary list

Friday: "Phantom's Portrait Parlor" Lab HW: finish lab questions

Social Studies-

Monday: Canada station activity

Tuesday: Go over activity, finish 5.1 handout HW: finish handout

Wednesday: Canada Movie and questions HW: complete questions

Thursday: Introduction to open book test for Chapter 5

Friday: Pass out test and start test HW: Chapter 5 test due 12.17.09

  As always, these are subject to change depending upon how much we complete in-class.

Have a great weekend!

"Acknowledge and take to heart this day that the Lord is God in heaven above and on the earth below.  There is no other." Deuteronomy 4:39