Mrs. Warrington's Class

                                                                          Money mouthOutlook for week 2/1/10 through 2/5/10Money mouth

M- spelling pretest unit 11, plot development and study guide review

    Chapter review page 119, prepare for grammar test on Tuesday

  HW - study for Maniac Magee quiz and grammar test, also spelling workbooks

T - Maniac Magee Quiz chapters 1-8 including vocabulary

    Grammar Test chapter 10 and analogies worksheets


W - Reading 9-14 Maniac Magee, begin new study guides

    Begin Chapter 22 in grammar books, quotation marks, apostrophies and italics


Th- Complete study guides and work on metaphor illustration

    Quotation marks

 HW -    Make sure spelling workbooks are complete and 3x each

F -  spelling quiz 11

      Finish metaphor illustrations and review study guides

    Worksheet 70/71, divided quotations




 Outlook for week 1/26


Maniac Magee study guides, unit 10 spelling pretest

grammar worksheet page 59/60

HW - complete worksheet and spelling workbook/3x each



Maniac Magee study guide questions and discussion

Review 59/60, work on predicate and ex. 8 an 9 in grammar book



plot development handout

finish study guide discussion

Grammar worksheet 61/62

complete handouts for homework



character mapping

correct and collect 61/62, ex 10 in book



Half day!!!

spelling quiz, grammar page 312, ex 11






Outlook for week of 1/18 - 1/22 


Monday - No school

It is an unusual week as there are only half days but we will be pressing forward in our pursuit of knowledge!

Tuesday -We will begin reading Maniac Magee

                    Begin Unit 10 Sentences/ Subject and predicate 

Wednesay - Reading Maniac Magee

                         Continue with Unit 10

Thursday - Reading Maniac Magee

                       Unit 10

Friday - Reading Maniac Magee

                 Unit 10

 There will be no spelling quiz on unit 10 this week.  Only one of my reading classes meets on Friday so there is no opportunity to take place.  This combined with the shortened week makes this a difficult task for the students as well.  We will begin reading Maniac Magee together and this will be the focus of our reading class for the 3rd quarter.  We will be studying characterization and vocabulary among other skills using this book. 

Unit 10 in our grammar book focuses on sentence structure and identifying subject and predicate.  This will help students improve their own writing when they are able to identifying properly constructed sentences.  2nd quarter grades are complete as of Friday, January 15th. 

Student supplies are running low.  Please check with your child to make sure they have adequate supplies.  Many need lined paper, pencils and pens.  Check book covers as they are becoming tattered.












Outlook for week of 1/11-1/15


spelling quiz unit 9

Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

Hand out study guides for Wednesday's reading test

Paragraph review for paragaph tests this week

HW - spelling unit 9, study for tests


group study for reading test

paragraph test- expository

Guess What it Says worksheet

HW - study for test, spelling workbook



Reading test

paragraph test- compare/contrast

Grammatically speaking worksheet

 No HW




paragraph test - persuasive 

word searches




spelling quiz unit 9

Movie break