Mrs. Larson's Class

Bible and Math Homework: 1/11-1/15



 The memory verse for this week is Proverbs 11:1.

Monday: Begin learning the memory verse for the quiz on Friday.  (Friday's quiz will not be fill-in-the-blank.)

Tuesday: Review your notes for the test on Friday.

Wednesday: Continue learning the Bible verse.

Thursday: Test tomorrow as well as verse quiz.



Math White

Monday:  Page 215 and 216, 9-23 all.  Exrtra credit for the test on Friday - Page 599 all.

Tuesday: Page 219, 10-22 even, 23-26, 28-32.

Wednesday: Practice test. 

Thursday: Study for the test tomorrow on chapter 5.


Looking Ahead: Test we will start chapter 6.


Math Red and Honors

Monday: Page 209, 8-24 even, 30-36 even.  Honors plus 26-29 all.

Tuesday: Page 212 and 213, 14-40 even.

Wednesday: Mid chapter test 5 tomorrow.

Thursday: Page 202, 6, 8-12.  No quiz tomorrow.

Friday: Page 218, 16-36 even, 40-50 even.  Honors plus 52 and 53.