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Remind 101

Remind 101

During the school year, there are reminders that I would like to send you.  An easy way for me to do this is through the website Remind 101.  If you choose to sign up, I will be able to send you a text message as a reminder.  

I will only text you a couple of times throughout the year.  If there is a snow day, I will send you a text to let you know about it.  I will text you at the end of the month to remind you that your child's homework is due.  The only other time would be in unique circumstance (i.e. when the power went out during conferences one year and conferences were cancelled).

Your part is simple.  If you would like to get text message reminders from me, just text the number 81010. with the message @ae249e . You will a confirmation when you are signed up!  

Get 2 Months for $5!