Brief Syllabus for World History

R. Lloyd

Hunters Lane High School


·         To expand the student’s knowledge of his/her environment by examining events as they unfolded throughout world history. 

·         To make the student aware of conflict and resolution of conflict, the development and growth of various cultures, and the organization of different forms of government over the course of time.

·         To foster an understanding of cultural diversity by looking at different people groups, their beliefs and cultural norms, and their interaction with other civilizations.

·         To facilitate a global awareness that leads to functional success in an international society and economy 

Textbook:  The Human Legacy (Holt Reinhart Winston) 2008 


·         Daily Assignments – work done each day in class

o   Worksheets

o   Graphic organizers

o   Foldables

o   Vocabulary puzzles

o   Interactive Power Point

·         Journal assignments – work recorded in a journal (supplied by teacher) and left in the classroom

o   Power Point notes

o   Video questionnaires

o   Internet assignments

·         Tests/quizzes – assessments of student progress

o   Weekly chapter quizzes

o   Unit tests

o   Quarterly exams

o   Midterm and final exams

·         Projects – lengthy homework assignments given once in each term

o   Posters

o   Term papers

o   Photo essays

o   Student-generated Power Points

o   Timelines 


·         Daily assignments = 30%

·         Journal assignments = 30%

·         Tests/quizzes = 15%

·         Projects = 15%